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What is Equity?What Is Our Role As Equity Advisor?

Equity in fiancé basically means the shareholder equity this represents the amount of money which will be returned to the shareholder if the company’s shares are liquidated and all the company debt is paid off. It can be determined by the company’s balance sheet and is referred to as the common in financial metrics in order to assess the financial state of any company. Shareholder Equity is also the book values of the company. There is various finance beyond the corporate balance sheet.

What are Types of Equity Financing?

Equity financing is the sale of common equity it is also the sale of other equity or all the quasi-equity. It may be the preferred stocks, convertible preferred stock and other finance which include the common shares and warrants.

If you are a start-up which is growing then there are many rounds of financing as your star up is evolving at every stage. A start-up attracts many different investors at the various evolving stage it may be different financing but all the other financial needs of the start-up.

It is financing which is different than debt financing in debt financing. The company takes a loan and then returns it back but in the financing, the company sells the ownership of the company in returns of money so it is a totally different financing entity.

How is Equity Financing Regulated?

The financing is regulated by the rules imposed by local or national security present in the jurisdictions. These regulations are designed to protect the investor from suspicious activities from certain operators who may raise the funds from the investor and disappear with the financial proceedings.

It is financing is done with a properly documented memorandum or prospectus which contains extensive information that will help the investor to make an informed decision on merits before financing. The memorandum or the prospectus will give the investor the company’s activity, information about the officers and directors, the financial preceding, risk factors and the financial statements.

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