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Convertible bonds

What Are Convertible Bonds? What Is Our Role As Convertible Bonds Consultant?

A convertible bond is a bond which is a fixed source of income debt that provides security that yields interest payments. By investing in the convertible bonds you can convert the bonds into common stocks or equity. You can convert the bonds into some other bonds when you invest in the convertible bond. The conversion of the bonds can be done at a certain duration during the bonds life and is a matter of discretion of bondholder.

What Are The Types Of Convertible Bonds? Get To Know About It With Our Convertible Bonds Advisor.

  • A Vanilla convertible bond:
  • Provides the investor with the option to hold the bond until the maturity or can convert it into stocks. If the stock price is decreased at the time of issue then the investor can hold the bond until the maturity whereas after the maturity he is been paid the face value of the bond. If stock price gets increased then the investor can hold the bond or he can sell the stock and gain the money it is his discretion.

  • Mandatory convertible bonds:
  • Mandatory convertible bond is required to convert at a particular conversion ratio or at a particular price level. On the other hand, reversible bonds are those bonds which provide the company to change to equity shares or keep in the bond as fixed income investment until the maturity.

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